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Check out these wicked sites
The world is riddled with perverts and fools, who want to push you off the edge. Don't go there. Stick with these safe links to some of the most informative sites on winter sports.

Follow the links to the best names in the sport. Then spend your money on looking blade and singing like a princess.

The Snow Princess (above) shows how it's done. This day was seriously cold in Sauze d'Oulx in Italy.

Alpinemadness accepts no responsibility for the linkees below rippin you off or selling you shite. Best bet is to check it out before you buy it. Remember, advice from a moron will do more harm than good. Take everything with a pinch of salt. Is it bad to drink with antibiotics?

Ski/Board resources
Ski Bum News An online guide to skiing and snowboarding.
1Ski This site offers virtually everything for your winter holiday, except a sense of humour.
Complete Skier Another site. I am just linking these to fill the space. I'll but something better here soon. Ta xxxx Don't know what this is yet, but looks good so far!

Threads and Hardware
Burton Snowboards The original snowboard manufacturers and now offer a range of threads too. Good quality and solid, so you pay for it.
Legends Boardriders Legends has established itself well and sells a range of skate, snow, surf and bmx gear. Check out their online ordering site, or visit one of their wicked stores.
Columbia sportswear Columbia offers a range of quality outerwear which is good quality and construction, whilst not being affliced with the price of a 'label'. Functional and effective.
Oakley Oakley is the name in eyewear. Always protect your eyes when playing in the snow. Oakley also offers a range of clothing. Again, Oakley suffers from 'label' syndrome. You will have to sell a kidney, but you will get quality goods and look the dog's twitcher.
Salomon Salomon is a repected maker of skis, which is now broadening it's product range to encompass the modern street trend.
Atomic In my opinion, this Austrian company makes the best skis on the planet. Check them out.
Blacks Blacks do sell a range of snow wear and at very competitive prices. They usually have sale stock also. Unfortunately their website is as useful as a hole in the head. Check it out if you can be arsed.
Snow and Rock Snow and Rock sell a fantastic range of gear. They can completely cloth you from head to foot. Their mail order service is also highly efficient. Register, get a catalogue and browse at your leisure.
Trespass Sportswear Trespass make a range of functional snow wear which again escapes the 'label' trap. Remember, try before you buy.


What to Wear